Terrorattacke von London ein ausfuehrliches Zwischenfazit

Evan Thomas zieht nach der geplanten Terrorattacke von London ein ausfuehrliches Zwischenfazit der amerikanischen Terrorbekaempfung fuenf Jahre nach dem 11. September 2001. „Unfortunately, the enemy has also learned much in this new age of terror. Their radical mullahs have taken advantage of what was arguably the Bush administration’s most egregious overreaction to 9/11 — the invasion of Iraq by painting the United States as a vicious oppressor and Murderer of Muslims. They believe that time is on their side.“ (Newsweek vom 14.8.2006)

Webtipp: Kampf gegen den Terror

<> http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,6-2311756,00.html
Tim Hames begruendet, warum Israel mit dem Verlauf der Militaeroperation im Libanon durchaus zufrieden sein koenne. Auch die UN-Resolution koenne keineswegs als Erfolg fuer die Hisbollah interpretiert werden. „That Lebanese civilians with no connection to terrorism have died while all this has occurred is a tragedy of the highest order. Israel relied too much on air power at the start of these exchanges and allowed its opponents a propaganda opportunity. Yet, in the end, Israel’s survival does not depend on Arab ‚hearts and minds‘ or opinions expressed by television viewers who live many thousands of miles away. It relies instead on winning crucial battles. If this is a ‚defeat‘, then Israel can afford many similar outcomes.“ (Times vom 14.8.2006)